Amei allows users to have fresh music delivered to them on a daily basis by other users who offer Kin for listening. The Kin can then be spent promoting their own audio or sent to other apps in the Kin ecosystem to be spent elsewhere. From the app, users can also easily connect to artists and share the music they have discovered.

My role is to design the branding and mobile app based on the specifications, and Kin branding guidelines. Formerly known as LnL Radio, Amei (Amé) means love in Portugese, as love is still a big part of the branding. The idea for the logo is a combination of the heart symbol, play button and the letter A.

Amei Branding 1
Amei Branding Animation
Amei Showcase 1
Amei Showcase 2
Amei Showcase 3
Amei Showcase 4
Amei Showcase 5
Amei Showcase 6
Amei Showcase 7
Amei Showcase 8
Amei Showcase 9
Amei Showcase 10
Amei Showcase 11
Amei Showcase 12

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